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Electronic Muti-Shot

The EMS systems are mainly used to survey drill holes in a non-magnetic environment and offer high levels of accuracy.

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Electronic Single Shot

•Adopt mini solid state high accuracy sensor.
•Low power consumption, rechargeable battery, small OD probe of Ø27 mm.
•Provide parameters: attitude, magnetic density, temperature and power.

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Gyro Shot

The Gyro Shot® is a memory-based tool. This means that unlike some other gyro systems, there is no need to connect the instrument to the surface with a wire. Nevertheless, should you require data in real-time, it is possible to use the Gyro Shot® with a wireline modem.

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Reliable and accurate. The MI3 borehole inclinometer uses data from a miniature triaxial magnetometer and a triaxial accelerometer to determine the instrument orientation in space.

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North Seeking Gyro

The NSG North seeking Gyro is manufactured with the high end technology of dynamic tuned gyro micro sensor to provide the maximum accuracy and reliability of survey information.

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