MWD Services

TLOS Services


TLOS has made and signed a licensee, purchase and technical support agreement (under the same RSS agreement) for The Positive Pulse Equipment with “APS” Technology – USA are wireless and fit for all sizes under smooth and rough operations.

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Gamma Logging

The Triple “L”, APS-USA SureShot gamma sensor employs a rugged scintillation counter and photomultiplier mounted in a specially-designed package which provides protection against the high levels of shock.

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Resistivity Logging

APS's WPR sub is a compensated, dual frequency (400 kHz & 2 MHz), dual spacing device designed for Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) and Measurements-After-Drilling (MAD) services in all well types.

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Pressure While Drilling (PWD)

The APS pressure While Drilling (PWD) Sensor measures annular and drill pipe pressure in all collar sizes. Capture data may be transmitted in real time via APS's SureShot MWD/LWD system.

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