CEO Statement


Dr. Mohamed EL-Assal

It is not coincidence that our activities started at the same time the oil services business were witnessing the lowest prices since 1973. In real terms, oil services prices had been at their lowest for the last 40 to 50 years. Since then and even though the prices has reported the highest increase in both crud oil and services, TLOS still offering very competitions prices for its services.

We in TLOS realized that an alternate source of service should be supplied to the local market; services that have become necessary to help achieve quality results at competitive costs to suit the situation created by the previous recession. One of the ways to face the challenge is to pool services from among local and international small business units in a framework that optimizes cost and overhead, even more than integration efforts between giant service providers.

We in TLOS a company with diverse expertise in drilling, reservoir, and production, complemented by exceptional multi-disciplinary skills. TLOS will invest its expertise and know-how to assist small operators and new comers to the Egyptian oil and gas market to establish their business and achieve their objectives in Egypt by providing quality cost-effective services.

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