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AMERIA Free Zone

A 1500 Sq. Meters of storage area located in ALEXANDRIA - AMERIA FREE ZONE, includes a 600 Sq. Meters (20 x 30 m.) Steel Constructions Hangar Equipped with: 200K ft.-lbs Power Torque Machine, Hydraulic work bench, Lathe Machine, Air Compressor, Mechanical Wash Equipment, Welding Equipment, Oxy.+ AST. Welding and cutting equipment…….etc. Operation offices and accommodation, fully equipped with computers and communications equipment are available for staff in the site.


A 6400 Sq. Meters area located centrally and close to the main roads 5 Km. from Maadi includes main office (Financial Department – Administration Department – Logistics Dep. – Human Resources Dep. – Operation Department – Meeting Rooms – Lecture Rooms), training center, training rig simulator, maintenance facilities to the highest supplier’s technical standards(Motor workshop – MWD / LWD workshop) and storage yard.

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